Zero Fucks Given isn't just a saying or meme, it's a fuckin' lifestyle – and we're bout it bout it. As a matter of fact, there is very little in this world that we actually give a fuck about. That being said, we do care about our customers and delivering an awesome product with kick-ass customer service. As we say around these parts: We give a fuck now, so you can give zero fucks later.

If your question isn't listed below, feel free to drop us a line at info@zerofuckscoin.com, or don't.


These coins are awesome! Are they for real???
Thanks, and you bet your ass they are real! They're probably the realest coins you'll ever own.

Why did you invent Zero Fucks Coins?
This crazy world is filled with dumb-asses and assholes, and we believe we are greatly outnumbered by them, so we invented/created Zero Fucks Coins as a way to arm the citizens of earth with a way offend and defend themselves from these jackasses. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then handing out one of these coins is surely worth zero fucks.

Why do people buy Zero Fucks Given Coins?
First and foremost, dishing them out makes for a great way to deal with the above mentioned dumb-asses and assholes as well as whiny friends, stupid bosses, annoying co-workers, drunken strangers, significant others as well as your average run-of the-mill dickheads. Aside from shutting up those jerks, these coins make for great gag gifts, stocking stuffers, and collector coins.

Do you really hand these out?
Fuck yeah we do! They say actions speak louder than words, so why would you say you "Give Zero Fucks," when you can LITERALLY GIVE Zero Fucks? Handing out these coins is the equivalent to shouting, "FUCK YOU!" at the top of your lungs into a megaphone directly into someone's ear.

Are these coins legal tender?
Are you thick? Of course they are not legal tender. But they are 100% bad-ass and hilarious!

Are Zero Fucks coins real metal coins?
Yup! They are made from nickel-silver and have a vibrant tarnish-free silver finish. You can get all the specs for the coins on the product's page.

Where do you ship from?
America's dong. More precisely, Orlando, FL (United States).

How long will it take for me to receive my order?
That all depends on where you live. We ship via USPS first-class mail and ship orders every other day (except weekends and holidays).

Do you ship internationally?
Hell yeah we do. The charge is $13 to ship single coins over seas, but we ship the multi-coin packs for a $6.50 S/H charge (to cover the additional international postage).

Do you accept returns?
Sure, but only for exchanges in the rare instance that you might have received a defective coin, or coins. Check out our return policy for the details.

I have a hot sister. Would you consider trading a make-out session with her in exchange for some of your coins?
Slow down there kemosabe. Send us a photo before we jump to any conclusions...