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"Scratch & Dent" Blemished Coin 10-Pack **LIMITED**

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These coins are our defective "Scratch & Dent" coins which have been flagged and removed from circulation by our quality control team for blemishes.

All the coins you receive by ordering this deeply discounted option will have varying degrees of blemishes which include, but are not limited to; scuffs, scratches, dents, dings, stains, gouges, or other markings making them not fit for regular sale. Some coins may appear to have no defects, while others will have much more noticeable defects.

Since these are 2nd Quality/rejected coins, there are absolutely no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final!

If you would like 1st Quality mint-condition uncirculated coins, DO NOT select this option!

These coins are available in 10-pack form ONLY (no single coin options) and all 10 coins are of the same design (no mixed bag options).

  • 10 Defective/"Scratch & Dent" Coins
  • 1.073 Inches in Diameter (Slightly larger than a U.S. Quarter)
  • 14 Gauge in Depth (As thick as a U.S. Nickel)
  • FREE Shipping and Tracking for U.S. orders
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Gold Color Coins ARE NOT Actual Gold - They Are Solid Brass

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